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What on earth is Drawbacks!?!

Drawbacks is a fast paced mini-game challenge in which all the instructions are reversed.

Sound confusing? That's the point. Don't do what the game tells you. It's mostly lying.

Drawbacks requires some quick thinking, an rebellious non-conforming attitude and a desire to not do what you're told. If you feel that matches your style, you can play the jsk13games version of Drawback right here.

Why make this?

Drawbacks was originally created as an entry to 2015 js13kgames game jam! The 2015 theme for this game jam was 'Reversed', so we decided to make a game in which almost all the instructions are written in reverse. It turned out to be really confusing and fun to both code and play!

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Let's play Drawbacks!

Up for the awesomely confuddling challenge of Drawbacks mini-games?

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I'm a application developer by day. By night (and early morning!), I'm a hobbyist programmer in a great deal of fields, including game dev. I prefer using web technologies and have great interest in procedural generation, AI and peer-to-peer networks.

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Web Development and making games have been my hobby for years. I have always enjoyed creating small concepts of interest. I'm constantly looking at ways to develop games using a web-based ideas and techniques such as creating Responsive-designed games!

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